about me

Hi, I'm Rachel. Welcome to my life and style blog.

I am a lover of clothes, food and all things French and shabby chic and I try to bring some style to all areas of my life; trying for sighs. 

Join me to find style ideas that don't cost the Earth, food that is delicious, either for treating yourself or entertaining friends, and home decor ideas that I love and you might too.

 I am a lace dress fanatic; I must have one of every colour in my wardrobe. Floaty maxi dresses are another favourite in the summer.

Italian food is a passion for me; beautifully fresh ingredients cooked simply to make your taste buds sing. Drop by to find some delicious ideas.

Our modest little house thankfully has many of its original features and you can follow how I make the most of it and bring it to life again.

Random things about me

I don't like being photographed; hence the sunglasses.
All the food in my cupboard has to face the right way.
I am a mother of two beautiful daughters.
I wish Winnie the Pooh was real; he is isn't he?
I love travelling to Italy.
I am 5' 7" tall.
I bit my nails until I was thirty.
My favourite colour is green (kitchen, dining room, entrance hall, bathroom!).
I loved Disney films as a child. I still do.
I don't spread chocolate and hazelnut spread. It doesn't last that long.
Every squirrel is called Sammy. Ask them.
I once began to learn Italian. Bonjourno. Hey, it's a start.
I love live music concerts. 
I am addicted to olives.
I love lying on beaches in Greece.
I work with children.
I love roses.
I don't hoard. Move on!
I love musicals; film and West End.
I have breakfast in bed every morning.
Fresh coffee has to be the start to every day.
I have size 8 feet.
I live in Topshop and Zara.
I am proud my daughters want to borrow my clothes. I don't let them!
Vanilla is my favourite smell.

E-mail me at info@tryingforsighs.com


  1. Oh gosh! It's so neat to meet you!! I love your about page. I need to switch mine up a bit, and I really like what you've done here. The one thing I'm left wondering is where you live....You mention all things French, Italian, and Greek. Do you happen to live in one of those fabulous places!?

    Glad we've become connected Rachel.

    Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    1. Awww thank you so much Ann. I'm so pleased you like it. I would be quite happy living in France, Italy or Greece. They are such beautiful places, aren't they. xx