Happy Book


Welcome to the Happy Book page! Thank you so much for coming along and joining in. This is a page for us to write down below, in the comments box, things and thoughts that make us happy. A community where we can all share our ideas and perhaps pick up ideas from others.

It's great to have you here.

Here's a few more things that make me happy, please add yours underneath. I'm looking forward to reading about what makes you happy.

a full moon
building sandcastles
the scent of lavender
eggs benedict
blowing bubbles
stroking a donkey's ears


  1. Cycling in the sunshine
    Listening to crashing waves
    My daughter giving me a hug
    A glass or two of Patagonian Malbec
    Booking next year's holiday

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your happy times, I love them all. I especially love listening to crashing waves, it gives me a sense of calm :-)

  2. The smell of fresh rain.
    Fresh baked scones with clotted cream.
    The smell of vanilla.
    The touch of a breeze on bare skin.

    1. Yummy scones with clotted cream! Oooh, lovely! I love the smell of vanilla too, it's one of my favourite aromas. I'm always burning vanilla candles.

      Thank you so much for sharing your things that make you happy. Have a lovely day :-)