Monday, 27 April 2015

fresh mackerel with roasted rhubarb

This combination of mackerel and rhubarb is absolutely delicious. Furthermore, it is so easy and quick to prepare. A perfect dish for brunch, lunch or an after work supper dish. This is a recipe we always make as soon as rhubarb is in season, as it never fails to hit the spot. 

for the roasted rhubarb
4-5 stalks rhubarb
1 tbsp light brown sugar

for the mackerel
2 fresh mackerel, filleted
1 tbsp seasoned plain flour
1 tbsp olive oil
3/4 sprigs of chopped rosemary
1 tbsp capers, drained
a splash of sherry vinegar

  1. Cut the rhubarb into roughly 6in lengths and place in a roasting tin with half a teacup of water and the sugar. 
  2. Place in a preheated oven (200C/400F/Gas 6) and roast until it is soft enough to stab with a fork, about 10-15 minutes. Allow it to cool, drain and set aside the cooking juices.
  3. Dip the skin side of each mackerel fillet into the flour to coat. Place the mackerel fillet, skin side down, in a pan of heated oil. Scatter over the rosemary. Add the roasted rhubarb to the side of the pan to heat through, then add the capers.
  4. Turn the mackerel after two minutes and then cook for another minute or two. Add the sherry vinegar and allow it just to come to the boil. 
  5. Remove the mackerel and rhubarb and add a little of the reserved juices to the pan. Scrap round the pan with a wooden spoon to lift the crispy bits. Serve straightaway, with the sauce over the mackerel and the rhubarb on the side.
Believe me when I say you will love this dish. Perfect for Spring.

Have a fabulous day lovelies.


  1. That looks lovely - I love ruhbarb!

    1. I'm sure you would love it Rach. It's just so delicious :-) xx

  2. This sounds lovely! I really love rhubarb but I've never had it as a savoury dish. I really like mackerel too so I'm going to give this a go.

    1. The combination of savoury and sweet is so delicious Sam! It's so tasty. You will love it :-) xx

  3. Mmm two of my favourites!

    1. They are an absolutely delicious combination Rach! :-) xx

  4. I love fish and mackerel is one of my favourites, i love the taste of it and it doesn't matter if you prepare it smoked, on grill, in oil, boiled in salad(i know an amazing recipe with onion,olives and mackerel).

    1. It's so healthy too! Your recipe with olives sounds delicious :-)