Monday, 1 February 2016

make the most of february

February! I'm being very optimistic about the weather for this month! More snow and sunny, frosty mornings with less rain and wind. So many umbrellas have been blown to pieces and my hair has been permanently frizzy so please Mr Weatherman, bring us some good news.

 I got on with my January bucket list quite well. I'm still working on my e-book as I keep finding more and more information I want to put into it. If I'm not careful it will end up as an encyclopedia! It will definitely take me longer than I thought it would. 

I'm now four weeks into my New Year health kick. It's going well to say we've been out for meals with friends and it's also been Steve's birthday, although, I did have a piece of birthday cake! How could I not?

I am now a proud wearer of a FitBit which is helping to keep me on the straight and narrow. I'm actually quite addicted to it. I love how it keeps account of how many steps I do, how many calories I have eaten and how much sleep I've had. I'm only averaging four hours a night so I need to find ways to get my sleep pattern in order. Steve now calls himself a FitBit widower!

I'm slowly building up my capsule wardrobe. I have my trench coat which has become like a second skin and goes with practically everything which is what I wanted. I found some real bargains in the sale too; a couple of white shirts from Topshop and a man's shirt from Zara. My daughter bought me a gorgeous pair of brogues for Christmas which will look great with capris, jeans and dresses. I'm now on the lookout for a black blazer, black jeans and a satchel. Wish me luck!

I'm thrilled to say Steve and I have completed Dry January; a whole thirty one days without a drink. The only time I felt like I wanted a drink was on Steve's birthday while we were sat in a restaurant. But the lovely waiter made me a delicious mocktail, which kinda made up for it. The plan is to be mainly alcohol free during the week (let's see how that goes). 

We had a lovely spa break by the sea during the month for Steve's birthday which was just what the doctor ordered. We have both been suffering with sinusitis so it was lovely to just relax and enjoy all the facilities. I surprised Steve with a massage and we spent the rest of the day in the pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna. We enjoyed a meal in the hotel restaurant in the evening and the most amazing breakfast in our room the next day. Pictures to follow in another post.

So now onto my goals for February:

Business cards
At times, when I have been taking photos, people have asked me what I'm doing. I normally just say I write a blog and take Instagram photos. Passing a card to people saying what I do will allow people to have a look at the blog if they are interested. It will also be handy if I see funkily dressed people in the street that I would like to take photos of for the blog. Although, I haven't been brave enough to do this yet!

Turn off Netflix and read
I'm a latecomer to Netflix and I have to say I love it. There is always something to watch. It's so easy to come in from work and collapse on the sofa for the evening with a dose of catch up series. However, I think it will be nice for a few evenings a week to switch off the television, listen to music and read some of the many lovely books we have had for Christmas. 

Visit the theatre
If someone were to ask me about my top five favourite things to do, musical theatre would definitely be up there. I like nothing more than singing along to my favourite musical songs (sad, I know) and losing myself for a couple of hours. There is one musical, however, that I never thought I would get to see; Hairspray. I adore the film, listen to the songs on my way to work and of course, Zach Effron is a guilty pleasure. 

Well, my dream has come true! My lovely daughter surprised me on Christmas Day with third row from the front tickets. I can hardly contain myself and I am counting the days down until we go. Thirteen to be precise! One ticked off the bucket list. 

Buy a salt lamp
I've been reading about the health benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp. Both myself and Steve suffer from constant colds which always turn into sinusitis, so I am on the look out for anything that might help.

Salt lamps are known to improve the quality of air, reduce allergies and asthma, increase energy levels and help with sleep. I'll let you know how it goes.

Put together a pamper box
You know those days when you come in from work and feel exhausted and stressed! Well, I've had an idea of putting a pamper box together for those kind of days. I'm going to fill it up with all kinds of goodies, maybe a dvd, some music, chocolate and some relaxing bath bubbles. 

They are also a great Christmas, Birthday or Mother's Day present. 

Do you have any goals for February?

Have a great week lovelies.


  1. I keep meaning to get some business cards printed too and you are so right, being able to direct people to your blog in the street would be amazing :) x x

  2. Business cards are a great idea, I have some too - although with my new website, I will need new ones now!
    Love the idea of a pamper box.
    My goal for February is to start writing Book Two of my trilogy... xx