Tuesday, 8 May 2012

spring into colour

That's it! I've actually done it. I've finally entered the blogosphere myself after following others for years. Spring seems a good time to start. This was the first sunny spring day this year so I thought it was time for some colour.

Saltaire is a model village built by Titus Salt, in the 1800's, to house the mill workers. This is the park he built for them to chill out. It was a coincidence that many of the colours they used matched what I was wearing.
I'm wearing:
Jumper and shirt - Ark, jeans - Republic, shoes, bag and rings - Topshop, necklace - H&M, watch - Next, sunglasses and bracelet - Primark.

This  book kind of sums up what my blog will be about.

Salts mill is so cool. There is a gallery of pictures by David Hockney which doubles as a gorgeous bookshop. Upstairs is another awesome bookshop and everywhere there is always a lovely scent of lilies. I am working my way through the dessert board!

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