Monday, 7 January 2013

small sighs

Just looking at this picture is making me drool! My friends and family know me soooo well. These are a few pressies I was lucky enough to get for Christmas. I have been looking for a coffee grinder but haven't seen one I like. S managed to find me one in a little antique shop and it's perfect. Below it are the most gorgeous tasting chocolate coated coffee beans!

There's nothing better than a small glass of Bailey's coffee liqueur, so comforting to have at the end of a cold day. I have to say that I had not tasted this flavour before, but it presses all the right buttons for me and it has served me well over Christmas! The chocolate spoons will definitely be used as part of a dessert; watch this space!

Green & Blacks has to be the winner in my top ten of favourite chocolate. I love all the flavours, so rich and creamy. I need to stop talking about it or I will be looking in the cupboard for some and I'm being a good girl today! I love the little pink & white tin of choccie nibbles from S. They were part of my stocking presents; great for a naughty snack! The handmade card was sent to me by my mum. She enjoys making them and sending them to all her family and friends.

What is your naughty chocolate treat?

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