Thursday, 24 October 2013

365 project - a photo a day

Themes from the top, left to right: light, made me smile, sweet, from my childhood, on the wall, what you did today, unexpected, frame, gold.

I'm still enjoying taking a photo a day and posting on the 365Project, although it's getting harder taking photographs to a prompt now the nights are drawing in. The Maltesers photo is one of my favourites so far; you do end up doing some daft things for 365. 

It's quite a lovely community of people on the 365Project and I do enjoy seeing photo's taken all round the world taken on the same day as mine. For example, Zambianlass takes some gorgeous images of Zambia and Jack's photo's of animals are just incredible. 


  1. Great job!!!! I did this two years ago and only lasted a month and a half. lol

    1. Thanks Chanel, it is getting a bit trickier now it's getting darker earlier but it's still lots of fun. :-)

  2. You are very welcome Rachel!
    I thought that pic of you wearing polka dots was so adorable, i had to feature it
    That 365 project sounds very interesting! I love your pics

    Have a great weekend


    1. You are so kind Ariane, it is so lovely of you to feature my outfit. The photo a day is great fun, it's made me much more mindful of what is around me, glad you like the pics. :-)

  3. What gorgeous photos! Beautiful colours and details. xx

    1. Thanks so much chic, I'm glad you like them. Have a lovely weekend :-)