Monday, 14 October 2013

how to create storage with style

This was my perfect solution for the extra storage I needed for my crockery. I fell in love with this shabby chic dresser as soon as I saw it. For those of you who know me, you will already know how much I adore all things shabby chic!

The beauty of it is, the dresser is shallow and doesn't intrude too far into the room. Everything is easy to see and reach when you need it. With the shelving being open, it does give me an excuse to buy colourful, pretty pots. I buy many of my pots from the flea market and Jules china shop in Hebden Bridge. Check her goodies out here.

I like to dress it up at different times of the year; see here how it looked at Easter. It won't be long until I'm dressing it up for Christmas!

Have a lovely Monday.


  1. Hi Rachel, my name is Fran. I came across your blog from Anneli's 'Delicieux' blog and thought I'd introduce myself. (My food blog is G'day Souffle'). I am a track suit and 'gas and go' sort of person so I can certainly use some of your fashion styling ideas!

    1. Hi Fran, thanks for coming over to the blog, I hope you like it. I love reading food blogs so I will definitely be popping over to see yours. Good to meet you Fran :-)

  2. It looks fabulous! And so versatile. xx

  3. Thank you so much, it fits such a lot on it. I don't know what I would do without it. :-)