Monday, 2 June 2014

make the most of june - bucket list

Hi there! Well, you won't believe the bad luck we have had lately. Within two days, we had our main computer, my laptop and my DSLR camera break down. I was just getting into a role again after a blogging break and this happens. To say I was upset was an understatement! I did shed a tear or two! But, fingers crossed, we have them fixed and good to go, so onward and upwards!

I'm looking forward to this bucket list as particularly it's my birthday month. I'm not excited at all of course! It falls on a weekend so we are hoping to grab a night away somewhere. Country, city, coast......I've not quite decided yet. It will just be nice to get a change of scenery.

Last year, Steve surprised me with some beautiful cupcakes from a lovely shop called Fancie. Mouthwatering and delicious! I have to get some more.

As life has been a little tough during the past few months, we have let our date nights slip. Yet, the tough times are always when you should make more of an effort. So we are going to make sure once a week we do something for us and forget our worries for that one evening.

Have you any ideas for date nights that wouldn't break the bank? I'd love to hear them.

Have you any plans for June?

I hope you are all keeping well and have a great week. I'm back to work today after a week long holiday. Back to setting the alarm!


  1. Great to see you back! I'd love some idea for cheap date nights too, though Dave and I are terribly lazy in the week so it'd be a real effort to off the computers of an evening to have a date night, lol!
    We have a tour of Buxton Opera House planned for June as well as seeing a few more Well Dressings. Hopefully we can fit in a walk or two as well :)

    1. Thank you so much Louise. We tend to snuggle down too especially in the winter months. Buxton Opera House is a beautiful building, isn't it! If I remember correctly, there is a gorgeous place for a coffee nearby.
      Have fun at the Well Dressings. xxx

  2. Can you come and do my shed when you have done yours please :)
    How about a evening picnic with a nice bottle of wine and watch the sun go down, or even a home spa evening xx

    1. Thank you so much for these fantastic ideas. I really love them. The idea of a picnic watching the sun go down sounds lovely xx

  3. We have date morning too. A walk to the top of a huge hill by us, cook our own bacon sandwiches and watch the sunrise. Beautiful, peaceful and free. Also a few of the steely homes have concert and film nights. You just take your picnic and enjoy.

    X x

    1. That sounds absolutely gorgeous. I've never sat and watched the sun rise with a picnic. I will have a look to see whether there are any concert and film nights happening around here. Thanks so much for the ideas sweetie xx

  4. Isn't it weird how things seem to break down in groups? Weird, and very annoying! But it's good to have you back, Rachel, and with a very positive list of things to do. xxx

    1. Aww thank you so much Curtise. That's so lovely of you xxx

  5. Sorry to hear you had such trouble with technology. :(
    Love your bucket list, let me know what you thought of the "Hunger Games" trilogy. I read it last summer.
    I hope you will have a lovely birthday weekend. :) xx

    1. Thank you so much Katia. I had a lovely birthday weekend! I have read the first two books and I'm on the third. I have enjoyed reading them and loved the films. xx

  6. It all happens at the same time doesnt it?! We had a pants start to the NY but thankfully things have picked up as I'm sure they will for you! Ax

    1. Sorry to hear you had a rubbish start to the new year but I'm so glad to hear things have picked up for you sweetie xx