Friday, 19 July 2013

black lace dress and ankle boots

You already know how much I love lace dresses. You will have seen me in them before, I own a collection of them. I have worn this dress for a city shop before here.

I decided to wear this for a night out with my girls for tapas and cocktails. I always feel very feminine in this dress, and I love the bow on the belt. I paired it with tights and ankle boots as it was quite a chilly evening.

I'm new to wearing belts with dresses, it's not something I do very often. But I think I will start to do it more now as I love the look of the belt with the dress.

Topshop black lace dress - wardrobe (last seen here)
Burgundy ankle boots - wardrobe (last seen here)
River Island bag - wardrobe
Topshop belt - wardrobe
River Island watch - wardrobe
Topshop necklace - wardrobe
Topshop & River Island bracelets - wardrobe
H&M black tights - wardrobe

Have a great weekend everyone.

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