Monday, 8 July 2013

a tourist in my town - part two

Thanks for joining me for part two of our tour around town. The photos above are of our little lunch break. Coco's is a lovely tapas bar and bistro, a great place to stop for a bite to eat. The cheese and pancetta burgers were divine, washed down with a glass of wine!

I love the seating outside, it reminds me of holidays in Greece.

St Mary's church is also known as 'the crooked spire.' This is what our town is most famous for and it draws people to visit. It was built in the late 13th century. The spire twisted as it was built of green wood and thirty two tons of lead tiles placed on top!

The town dates back to Roman times, originally a Roman fort. It grew into a town in the 12th century with a market that we still have today. The Tudor building in the bottom right picture above is one of the oldest inns in England, and still sells a good pint of beer today. It was a rest house for 'The Knights Templar' in the years of 'The Holy Crusades.'

The quaint, little chapel sits quietly in a little courtyard where it can be easily missed. In fact, I have lived here all my life and have never been to look at it! It was built in 1694 and is one of the oldest surviving buildings in town.

The little tearooms you can see are a great place for afternoon tea or a coffee and homemade cake. I'm a regular visitor!

I am so glad we toured around our little town, I have learned so much that I didn't know even though I have lived here all my life. I think it's easy to take places for granted when you live in and around them. I'm going to be looking at our little town in a different way from now on.

Have you ever been a tourist in your town?

Have a great day.


  1. I love this! Makes me want to go there and visit! It's true about taking where we live for granted. One of the things on my summer bucket list is to spend a day being a tourist in L.A. :)

    1. How about I swap my day in my town for your day in LA, sounds so much more fun! :-)

  2. Just beautiful. I adore that purple skirt too - gorgeous. xx

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, it's quickly become a favourite of mine :-)

  3. What a great day out!

    1. It really was Louise, we enjoyed it so much xx

  4. I'm working on being a tourist in Houston via restaurants. Trying to go to the city at least once a month to try places to eat that have been featured on the food channel.

    1. That's a great idea and a brill reason to try all the different places to eat. Can I come too? :-)