Friday, 5 July 2013

how i wore a cropped denim jacket

This is the outfit I chose to wear for our day as tourists in our town. This was a day out we planned to do as part of my June bucketlist. It was difficult to choose what to wear as the sun kept coming in and out. The denim jacket was just the right touch for the weather. I paired it up with the softness of a jersey pleated skirt, which was so comfy and light, and a lace top. I chose these sandals to wear as they have the colour of my skirt in them.

I had been looking at this skirt in the shop for a while but I never got round to buying it. So I was so happy when I saw it in the sale. The only size they had left of mine was on a mannequin, but they kindly got it off for me!

We took these outfit photographs in Queens Park which was first opened in 1893. It was created to mark Queen Victoria's golden jubilee. It is home to a county cricket ground which is known to be one of the most attractive in the world.

The park is home to a boating lake which has a train that runs around it. I have been on it many times with my two girls, they used to love it. Do you think they would let me on without small children? It is a lovely place to have a picnic or just lie on the grass and look for pictures in the clouds.

Of course, I had to have an ice-cream! The day wouldn't have been complete without one! We are lucky to have two bandstands in it too, one of which you can see in an earlier post here.

How lovely is this picture! This is a painting based on a statue of a little girl called Lalla that stands in the conservatory. The little girl and her family lived in Chesterfield. The story of how it came to be in the park is really interesting, you can read about it here.

Join me for part two of our day as tourists on Monday and see the history of our little town which goes back to Roman times.

Have a great Friday and and a lovely weekend.

River Island denim cropped jacket
Topshop pleated skirt - wardrobe
H & M lace top - wardrobe
Sandals - wardrobe
Miss Selfridge bag - wardrobe
Topshop bracelet - wardrobe
Primark ring - wardrobe
Sunglasses - wardrobe


  1. great outfit, and a very pretty park :)

    1. Thank you very much, Lisa. Being a tourist in my own town was much more enjoyable than I imagined. You see familiar things in a new light. Have a good day.

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  3. What a really cute look. Love your sandals and skirt.
    Beautiful as always and lovely photos.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

    1. Thanks so much Claudia, hope you are having a good weekend too :-)