Monday, 19 August 2013

summer dresses for a holiday

Dresses! I love them. Can you tell? It was definitely the right decision to take dresses away this year. The dress I'm wearing above is actually a beach cover up but I thought it was nice enough to wear in the evenings. Excuse my hair in the photos, I can't explain how windy it was!

Can you see the big bruise on my leg? I walked into a sun lounger with a metal edge! Of course, I only said 'Oh dear!' It went a lovely shade of blue and purple!

This jersey dress was so comfy to wear, I can dress it down for casual as I'm doing here but I'm sure it will look great with heels too. 

I couldn't resist adding in a picture of a glorious mojito. I'm addicted!

My bargain dress from H&M. Can you believe it was only £7.99! I knew it would be ideal. It's so comfy, perfect for summer. My sandals are old faithfuls from the wardrobe. I have had them a few years but I love them so much. I keep having them resoled and heeled!!

My birthday present dress, floaty and light. A favourite of mine. I bought this bag from a great little shop in the village - just five euros. Bargain!

What kind of dresses do you like to wear in the summer?

Have a lovely day everyone. Hope it's a good one.

Dress 1 - River Island Maxi
Dress 2 - Topshop Maxi
Dress 3 - H&M - wardrobe 
Dress 4 - River Island - wardrobe


  1. I've bought a few bags like that in the markets in Thailand... They're so wonderful! And I love that H&M dress :) xxx

    1. I got a couple in different colours to go with the dresses I had taken! Glad you like the dress, it was such a bargain! :-)

  2. Oh my gosh that is a beach cover up?? No way! You could totally dress it up and wear it out in the evening... super cute!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Exactly what I thought when I saw it! Thanks for your lovely comment Sarah :-)

  3. Lovely dresses; you wear them so well.
    Where did you go on holiday - it looks lovely.

    1. Thank you so much, I do love wearing dresses. We went to a little village in Southern Crete called Plakias. A perfect place to sit back, relax and do nothing :-)