Thursday, 18 June 2015

keep a one sentence diary

Day 18 of my '90 days of summer 2015' posts; keep a one sentence diary. Each year I always start a diary with such good intentions but by the end of January you can guarantee I have stopped. I'm usually so tired by the time I go to bed that I just haven't got the energy or inclination to write in it.

So writing one sentence a day in a diary doesn't seem such of a hardship as it's brief. I can record a single event, an insight, plan or none of these. If my mind is blank, I will just write 'my mind is blank' and shut it until the next day.

I'm hoping this will help me to write more meaningful things and reflect on the current state of my life.


  1. I started doing this in January. I bought the one line a day journal. It's a five year diary so each year you can look at what you had written the previous year or years depending how far into it you've got. Such a lovely idea x x x x

    1. Awww I love that idea, Gem. I'm sorry I'm late replying. Have a wonderful New Year! xxxx