Friday, 5 June 2015

small sighs

Halfway through the year already! Where have the past few months disappeared to? I have to say though that I am looking forward to the summer months, with warmer weather, lighter nights and of course, getting married.

I am determined to make the most of this summer and that is why I have started my '90 days of summer' series. I don't want to look back in Autumn and think to myself 'where has summer disappeared to?' It's all about enjoying the little things.

This weekend is all about my birthday. It's not my birthday until Monday but we are going to have pre-celebrations, taking advantage of our days off work. We will be having a day at the beach and a family bike ride and picnic, weather permitting!

Here is what I've been enjoying this week:

Cocktails for two

Beautifully scented lilac

 Pastel coloured coffee cups

 Tea and wedding planning

Our picnic view inside Lincoln Castle

Have a great weekend lovelies.


  1. Lovely! I visited Lincoln in the Easter holidays and went to the castle. Would you believe it, I've never, ever had a cocktail!

    1. Thanks Louise. Isn't Lincoln a wonderful place. I never tire of visiting it. Awww you really need to try one. We will have to meet up and I will take you for one :-) x

  2. Your photos are always so lovely Rachel. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you are enjoying planning the wedding. It's a really magical time :) xx