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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

cape at christmas in broadway

Broadway. The Jewel of the Cotswolds! That is how some people refer to this beautiful village and I agree. A charming, magical place which holds a special place in my heart. I always get quite emotional when I visit here as it is still unspoilt and very beautiful. A piece of paradise.

Broadway dates back as far as the Roman times and at one time boasted thirty three public houses which there are still signs of today. Many of the limestone buildings date from the 16th century. The front doors of these lovely houses are just delightful in themselves.

This has to be my favourite row of houses in the village. Can you imagine living in one of these? 

We came across this guy driving an Austin 7 racing car that he was restoring. He looked like he would have been at home in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'! He posed for us and we gladly took a photo of him as he said he didn't have any photos of him in his pride and joy! Then off he went with a cheery adieu in his German accent!
I wore my much loved cape for this trip. I have a real love for capes and own quite a few in different colours! I wore it with a soft, comfy pink sweater and jeans and my Zara scarf. I spotted the booties when I was out shopping with my daughter. We both fell in love with them so we both bought a pair!

We stayed all day browsing round the village and quaint, little shops. I wanted to see the Christmas lights before I went home and I'm so glad I did; just beautiful. 

Have a lovely Wednesday.

Zara cape - last seen here
Topshop jeans - last seen here
Zara scarf - wardrobe
Primark booties
H&M satchel
Primark sunnies - wardrobe

Thursday, 3 January 2013

for the love of cape!

I have to say I love my trusty Zara cape. I have had it a while now but it still feels like new. It is so versatile, being able to dress it up and wear with jeans. Today I wore it for a shopping trip with my daughter (very easy to take on and off when trying clothes on!).

I had been searching for quite a while for a bag this shape and I finally found one, unexpectedly, in a shop where I would never have thought of looking. I was a very happy girl! The scarf was a stocking present from S which I think works well with the cape, and its sooooo soft and cosy too.

I thought I would test these lovely brogues out today. They have been sitting in the wardrobe waiting to be worn since I bought them in a sale. They are the same colour as the maroon in my dress and I adore them. Brogues are definitely one of my favourite types of shoes to wear.

Cape - Zara (old)
Dress - H&M (old)
Tights - H&M
Scarf - River Island
Shoes - Schuh (old)
Bag - Matalan
Sunglasses - H&M (old)
Rings - Miss Selfridge, H&M