Sunday, 31 March 2013


Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have all enjoyed lots of chocolate eggs and bunnies! This is how I decorated our dining room this year. This basket of flowers, we bought from a nursery, has made a fabulous centrepiece for the table; so colourful and bright. I put duck eggs in a bowl and an egg on each plate with table names on. So cute!

For lunch we decided to have roast chicken with pearl barley, instead of lamb, for a change. I used a recipe from the River Cottage Everyday cookbook. It was delicious and I will definitely make it again as it went down a treat with the family. Empty plates all round!

For dessert we had a chocolate nest cake and chocolate mini egg buns. I did cheat here as I went to Marks and Spencers and saw this heavenly cake and thought to myself that it would so much better (and easier) to buy this.

I decorated the sideboard with chocolate eggs and daffodils, it is really versatile as I can dress it up for any occasion. My girls think I am obsessed with bunting but I love it and it always makes the room look inviting and pretty.

What have you done for Easter this year?


  1. hi Rachel, thank you for visiting and also for following my blog.. I am following you as well..about google + there has been talk about It being discontinued after jily of this yea, I am not sure if there is really any truth to it but just in case I follow everyone via GFC Aand Bloglovin...:)

  2. Hi Sasha

    Thankyou so much for following my blog too. I will look forward to reading your next posts. Thankyou for the info on google + too, I will keep looking into it.

    Keep in touch
    Rachel x

  3. So lovely how you decorated the place and all the food looks delicious! We just had an Easter brunch and ate lots of chocolate :D Maya - Archistas

  4. Hi Maya

    Lots of chocolate sounds the best way to spend Easter. I've surprisingly got one egg left, which isn't like me! Glad you like the decor too.

    Rachel x