Monday, 11 March 2013

style, shop and eat

My style, shop and eat outfit! This is the outfit I chose to wear in the city shopping for the day. Versatile, comfortable, warm and easy to change in and out of when trying clothes on; all important when shopping!

I purchased this jersey skirt last year and had not found anything I liked to go with it, until last week that is! I was wandering around River Island (not looking for anything in particular) and I saw this top. As soon as I saw the way it was shaped a lightbulb came on in my head and I remembered this skirt and thought it would work well with it. Paired with the jacket and this checked scarf (that I borrowed from S), I felt it all worked well together on a very chilly day!

We stopped off for a spot of lunch at a lovely deli called Marmadukes. A lovely touch was a warm blanket to wrap around you which was very welcome as it was chilly! I chose a Greek salad with grilled halloumi sandwich and S had a roast pork and melted cheese one with a gorgeous dip. They were absolutely delicious; we will definitely be visiting again soon.

It is a lovely place to sit, people watch and have a coffee break and a piece of cake; unfortunately we were too full to try some but they looked delicious! We will save that for our next visit!

The fountain in the city centre is stunning, it is surrounded by gardens and places to sit so in the summer it is a great place to have a picnic.

Can you see the police box in the picture? It is the only one left in the city centre and I love the quirkiness and colour of it. There is always something new to explore in a city, don't you think?

Jacket - Topshop (similar here)
Skirt - River Island (similar here)
Scarf - (Borrowed from S)
Bag - Primark (wardrobe)
Boots - New Look (wardrobe)
Sunglasses - Primark (wardrobe)
Ring - H&M (wardrobe)
Tights - H&M

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