Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Spring lace dress and brogues

Well hello sunshine! The first proper sunny spring day this year. But don't be too deceived as it was quite chilly! As you can see I'm wearing my lace dress but a jumper and tights were a must in the cold and the colours were part of my holiday mix and match outfits. Loving burgundy right now! 

My brogues are so comfortable, just right for a day sightseeing.

We spent the day in a lovely little town called Harrogate, famous for it's spa waters and gardens. It was so lovely to see signs of spring everywhere. In the photos below you can see me desperately trying not to tread on the crocuses.

The town is also famous for a tearoom called Betty's. People queue up outside to get a table in here! So we thought 'while we are here, let's be proper tourists and queue up too.'  We were not disappointed! The choice of cakes was all too much, I wanted to try them all. But in the end I chose a raspberry cream macaroon and S had a fat rascal, apparently a 'local delicacy.' Divine!!

A lovely place with a lot of lovely parks and gardens, perfect for a picnic. We did brave the cold and sit outside to eat, next time we come hopefully it will be without a coat!

Primark lace dress - wardrobe
Primark burgundy jumper - wardrobe
H&M tights - wardrobe
Topshop brogues - wardrobe
Topshop parka - (last seen here)
Sunglasses - wardrobe
Urban Outfitters watch - (last seen here)
Primark ring - wardrobe

Have a lovely day everyone,