Tuesday, 9 April 2013

around my home

I'm so lucky that I have got a partner that can build practically anything he turns his hand to around my home. It's not what he does for a living but he believes anyone can make things if they put their mind to it. One of the reasons we bought this house was to put our own stamp on it. It's just a modest 1930's house but it still has a lot of its original features.

It has two chimney breasts into which we have put log burners. However, the chimney breasts did present us with a problem. What would we do with the alcoves? We came up with the idea of a DIY bookcase that S promptly designed, then made an MDF box to fit a very awkward space (1930's houses are not the straightest!) S made the shelves different sizes to fit different sized books, vases of flowers and a lamp.

I had quite a few books that I wanted to hand (book hoarder!), and the bookcase is perfect. I love shabby chic and French styles as you can probably see. It houses my fashion and lifestyle books and I do tend to collect pretty notebooks so they stand on there too.

It's amazing how much it actually holds, it definitely adds interest to the room without it feeling cluttered. Everyone who visits my home, including my daughters friends, all make a beeline for the books.


  1. Love the knick-knacks mixed in with the books especially the Eiffel Tower! Great post!

  2. Hi SJ

    Thanks for the lovely comment, I had been looking for an Eiffel Tower for months before I finally found this one. I snapped it up straightaway!

    Take care
    Rachel x

  3. This looks fab, like something from a magazine. I pinned it for future reference. I need this in my house.

    1. Thanks Catriona, glad you like it. It holds so much, we are so glad we made it. :)