Wednesday, 15 May 2013

a photo an hour in my day

view from my bedroom window

breakfast in bed

walking to work through the park

working with a maths group

coffee and cookie break

looking for mini-beasts

grilled halloumi and salad sandwich for lunch

at the farm shop

keeping up with blogging

made a new friend while out walking

reading and listening to music

salmon and stir-fry veg for dinner 

snuggling on the sofa with a dvd

popcorn and a glass of wine with the movie

candle-lit bath time

 bed with a good book

This was what yesterday looked like. What does your typical day look like?


  1. Wow Rachel, what a lovely day you had yesterday - I think we share a love of Italy and all things Italian!
    So super organised of you, im taking photos as we speak so I think I'll be posting my day in pictures late this evening!
    Have a fab day x

  2. I am in love with Italy, it's such a beautiful country isn't it? Looking forward to seeing your photos too.

    Enjoy your day x

  3. Your day sounds precious. Walks, bubble baths and animals. Yes please.

    1. I make sure I go for a walk everyday and I always have a bubble bath before bed, it helps me sleep!

      Have a good day Alesha x

  4. this is a good life. i love your dinner, inspired to cook that for dinner today.

    i am reading the same magazine :)

  5. This is such a speedy dinner, it takes 10 minutes start to finish which is great when I don't feel like doing much cooking! :)

  6. Looks like a pretty fabulous day to me! I really like the walk in the park and that cookie looks amazing.

    1. Thanks Nicole, the walk in the park is a great way for me to start the day and yes, that cookie was divine! :)

  7. every single day should begin with breakfast in bed, and your's looks amazing. my favorite is 3PM, because I'm sure that is my "starbucks shame trip" outfit. hahaha. a girls got to have her coffee. and did you make that dinner? oh my goodness it looks so good! xo - chels @

    1. Hi Chelsea
      Well spotted, that is indeed you! Hope you don't mind. I made salmon yesterday as it's such a quick and easy dinner to make. :)

  8. Wow! Your pictures are beautiful! It looks like you had a great day. I love your rooster dishes! (:

  9. Thanks so much Teresa, I love using those dishes for breakfast! :)

  10. Breakfast in bed, walking to work through the park, tons of delicious meals, a movie, wine, bubble bath and a book?! This looks like a perfect day, I'm super jealous!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

    1. Can't start my day without breakfast in bed, I need coffee before I do anything! The walk through the park is lovely unless it rains. :)

  11. Teach me how to live your day. So lovely!

    1. I'm trying to be more mindful of what is going on around me, the walks are a good way for me to do this. :)

  12. Oh, beautiful! The photos, the adorable breakfast vessels, the friend ;) , bubble bath time, and of course, the cookie ^_^

    1. Thanks Vivienne, I'm glad you like the photos. My friend was an added bonus to the day! :)

  13. You eat so incredibly healthy!! I need to spend more time outsid like you :)

  14. I'm trying to eat more healthily at the moment but I still like my chocolate cookies! :)