Wednesday, 22 May 2013

my ten pet peeves

my girls getting make up all over the floor!

my partner pushing more rubbish in the bin even though it is overflowing!
my partner not putting the top on the toothpaste.
people talking loudly on their mobiles at the next table.
people who scrape their teeth with cutlery when eating.
when my personal space is being invaded.
when men wear socks with sandals, get the style police in!
people with bad manners.
when my daughter cracks her knuckles.
people who say they haven't got any pet peeves! What are some of your pet peeves?


  1. Yes on cracking knuckles, the cutlery thing and the personal space! Also people who eat just gets me

  2. Not just me with the cutlery thing then! Me too with the eating loud, and with mouths open .... aarrrggghhh. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This was funny! Now I know not to stand next to you with my socks and sandals cracking knuckles on one hand while scraping my teeth with a fork or something

    1. This made me laugh Micael! Definitely no socks and sandals! :)

  4. Loud chewers. OMG I can't handle it. And people who chew with their mouth open, thus making it loud!

    1. Loud chewers who chew with their mouths open! I can't cope with it either, it's so hard not to tell someone if they are doing it! :)