Friday, 3 May 2013

my most uncomfortable moment!

Well, here we are on Day three of blogging everyday in May with the story of my most uncomfortable moment.

When I think of feeling uncomfortable, this particular event always shines brightly in my mind. It still makes me cringe now, twenty five years later. I've tried hard to block it out my mind!

I can think back to a time at school when I became very self aware and this manifested itself during physical education. Up until this period, I was a very good high jumper and was the best in the year. On sports day, we were always put into teams and I always (still do) expect perfection in everything I do (which is of course totally unrealistic.)

I begged my mum to buy me a new school sports outfit for the occasion. But she informed me that a friend had given her some hand me downs from her daughter that had been to my school about five years previously. My heart sank as the uniform had changed since then and I could see the other girls reactions when they saw me in this!

I nearly cried when I tried the sports skirt on as I was so much taller than the girl who this had belonged too. The skirt was so short you could see the ugly, green, thick cotton sports pants underneath, mortified! I begged and pleaded for days but nothing was going to change her mind. It kept me awake at night, this was a major issue with me.

How can I go out onto the field looking like this in front of all the parents, teachers and pupils, I thought? I remember it was such a lovely sunny day and I had gone home for my lunch before the sports event in the afternoon as I only lived up the road. As I walked slowly back to school it suddenly hit me that I couldn't go through with it! So guess what I did? I ran! There was a park at the back of my school so I went and hid there for the afternoon.

The worst thing was, as I was sat there I heard a teacher announcing my name over the tannoy system asking me to go to the high jump event. I froze! This went on for a few minutes until they must have realised that I was a no show!

When I got home later that day, the first thing my mum asked me was 'why was the teacher calling your name over the tannoy system several times?' She had only been sat in the garden! My face said it all, but I blamed her, of course! Isn't that what all teenage girls do when something doesn't go to plan!

That experience scarred me for life! I have never worn short skirts as that image creeps into my head. It has stayed with me all of my adult life! I'm all for a good thrift and I buy from charity shops a lot but if I buy an item of clothing I always like to try before I buy!!

Do you have any times when you have felt extremely uncomfortable?


  1. That would def make me uncomfortable. I was always the shortest and hated it.

  2. I was always the tallest in the class and hated it! But as I got older I learnt to use it to my advantage (high jump!)

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Rachel x

  3. i used to hate PE pants and always missed sports mum very kindly wrote me sick notes!

    1. You were so lucky, my mum wasn't that generous!

      Have a good day

      Rachel x