Friday, 24 May 2013

my three worst traits

Well, this topic isn't a difficult one for me as I can easily reel of three traits that I am not proud of. Unfortunately, I do lend myself to being more negative than positive about myself #MustTryHarder!

My worst trait has to be my perfectionism. I find it incredibly hard not to be overly critical with myself in a lot of things I do. Over the years, this trait has held me back from trying new things. For example, learning to drive, going to dance classes and turning down good job opportunities due to my lack of self confidence.

As I have got older I have got more self-confident. I think this is partly due to having a wonderful partner, who is supportive and makes me feel good about myself as well as realising that, 'if you look for perfection, you will never be content,' as Leo Tolstoy said.

I won't go on to tell you all about the OCD issues I have, including making sure all the labels are facing the right way and checking I've locked the door, numerous times.

Someone once told me to give myself a break and not to be so hard on myself. She said, 'You would
never think those awful thoughts about another person, so don't think them about yourself.' This is a piece of advice I've never forgotten.

I am so not a morning person! I cannot start my day without a cafetiere of coffee to rid me of my morning drowsiness! I am grumpy and my partner has now got used to my groan as he says good morning to me!

My snooze button is my friend; I must hit it five times before I manage to squint out of my eyes! Then I have to try and remember what day of the week we are on! Not good am I?

But what can I say? I am so in love with my duvet. I believe there should be duvet days built into the week!

I have a terrible addiction to Haribo Starmix sweets. I never get sick of them! I get excited when I pull a sweet out of the bag, wondering which one it will it be.

Will it be the cola bottle, the egg or the jelly teddy?

I know that they are bad for me, what rubbish goes into them and I know I need to cut down. I put it down to the sugar rush!
Do we share any traits?


  1. I also hit the snooze button 5 times & can still only manage a groan in response to my boyfriend's 'good morning'! Glad it's not just me that's so bad in the mornings =P

    1. I'm off work for a week now and so looking forward to not waking up to the alarm. :)

  2. not being a morning person can be on my list too. I know how to hit the snooze button without even waking up a bit. then when I DO wake up, I fuss "my alarm never went off!!" when in fact it had, I just wasn't awake when I turned it off. also - I want haribo gummies that look like an egg! where do I find those in Iowa? happy weekend. enjoy it! xo - chels @

    1. The gummy eggs are my favourite, I went through a bag at the cinema last night!

      Have a lovely weekend too
      Rachel x

  3. I absolutely HATE mornings, too and EVERYTHING has to be MY way.

    My fave sweet?! Chocolate ... :)

    1. I'm glad it's not just me! I dream about chocolate some nights, I'm obsessed!! :)

  4. Now, I am a morning person but once upon a time {when I worked} I didn't like getting up. I am addicted to cheesecake if I have it at hand I can very selfish

    1. Ooooh, cheesecake. I love that too. What am I like? I'm a bit selfish when it comes to sharing my sweeties. I always buy extra bags for everyone else! :)

  5. Isn't it funny how this blogging challenge is turning out to be like therapy?! There's been so much introspection this month thanks to Jenni and her challenge. I'm so glad I followed the linkup here to your blog :)

    1. You are right about the therapy, I feel like I've opened my heart up on numerous occasions! I have enjoyed the experience though.

      Have a lovely day

  6. Oh goodness, I'm not a morning person either. My poor son and husband!

    1. I need a massive caffeine boost to get me going! x