Wednesday, 29 May 2013

five songs I love

Alfie Boe - Bring Him Home

This is one of my favourite songs from the West End musical Les Miserables. It brings me to tears every time I hear it. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have heard. Whenever I hear it I think of the time when we took my daughter to London to see it for her 18th birthday. She loves musicals just as much as me (and knows all the words) and we were sitting in tears at the end, completely blown away by what we had just seen. One of the best evenings of my life!

Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley - Time Of My Life 
Who doesn't love Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing? This was the first time I fell in love! I can see the first time I saw him so clearly. I was at the cinema watching the trailers and this film was one of them. I was like, 'Hello, who is that?' I was hooked! I wore the video out I watched it that many times! Every time I hear this song I think of him and remember how wonderful he was.

Gotan Project - Revancha Del Tango

This song always brings back lovely memories of being in Lake Garda, Italy. We had just been out for a meal and we heard some beautiful tango music. The music was coming from a little restaurant on a square and couples were getting up from their tables and doing the Argentine Tango, it was magical. They were all so good, it made me want to learn to dance!

The Lion King - Hakuna Matata
A fantastic, upbeat, happy song. My girls fell in love with this film when they were little, I remember the times me and my girls would sing the song at the top of our voices when it came on. We loved it!

Mcfly - Shine A Light

I can't do this post without a Mcfly song. They have a place in me and my girls' heart! We go to all their concerts, play their music and sing around the house all the time. We are the best fans.

Hope you enjoy the songs I love.


  1. I love it whenever Time of My Life plays on the radio. Not really my genre, but the song just makes me smile for no apparent reason. And HAKUNA MATATA! :)

    1. I shut my eyes when I hear it and pretend its me dancing with Patrick Swayze! Hope that doesn't sound too wierd!! x

  2. Funnily enough, I have the Les Mis anniversary concert in the background as I read this. Isn't Alfie Boe just wonderful?! Definitely my favourite Valjean! xx

    1. Alfie Boe is the best! I love him! I loved Hugh Jackman in the film too but I already have a soft spot for him! x

    2. Oh Hugh, such a wonderful man! I do love the film too x

    3. He sure is, he's so handsome! I went to see the film three times and cried all the way through all of them, I kept thinking why am I doing this to myself! x

    4. Look at us with our love for Les Mis and McFly! I didn't cry in the film and was really shocked at myself. Thoughts on Anne Hathaway? x

    5. I wasn't a big fan of hers before I saw her in the film but she blew me away! It's one of the most moving scenes when she sings I dream a dream. I cry every time lol x

    6. This is where we differ. I didn't like her! I don't know why cause she was good but I just don't get the hype! x

    7. I'm just a sucker for an emotional scene lol! x

  3. Dirty Dancing...I had the cassette sound track and I still love the movie and all the songs from it

    1. Me too and I bought the second cassette too! My mum used to shout at me to turn it down but I never did! :)

  4. The Lion King was the first movie that I saw in the cinema, & I still love it =) I'll have Hakuna Matata in my head for the rest of the day now though!

    1. It's such a feelgood song isn't it? We still sing to it now when it comes on x

  5. I love "Bring him home" too, great song, great musical x

    1. It's so beautiful isn't it? So full of emotion x

  6. I love all the songs in the Lion King and Le Mis.

    1. They are great songs aren't they? I would love to see the lion king on stage as my daughter says its fab x

  7. I love Dirty Dancing too!

    1. I never tire of watching it! x

  8. How can I not love 'The time of my life' :) also adore Hakuna Matata and of course, Mcfly - Shine A Light, it is one of my road trip favorites.
    I have good me memories with all of these as well.

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    1. I'm glad you love them too, they are such great songs aren't they? x