Wednesday, 13 February 2013

small sighs

My favourite handbag at the moment! My girl G bought it for me as a gift, I absolutely love the colour. Looking forward to trying it out with my spring outfits.

Loving my style and wellness Moleskine journals; I am determined to collect them all! They are soooo touchy feely and pretty too. The wardrobe organiser inside the style journal is really useful, its where I note which items I have and which season to wear them in.
It goes without saying how fantastic the new book by Scott Schuman is! I was sooo in love with the first one and I was lucky enough to get this one for a gift. I use it for style ideas; piecing together items I already own and putting together outfits. A brilliant coffee table read.
This favourite things box was a gift from S, it is a place where I keep items that are special to me and remind me of good times. I keep old concert tickets in there, postcards and photos from places we have visited, cards that S and I have sent to each other and keepsakes from family.
The brooch was from my lovely Grandma; I can remember her wearing it when I was little. I used to admire how much it sparkled; it has pride of place in my box as you can imagine.
What are some of your favourite things?

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  1. Great post :)
    The Sartorialist - Closer, by Scott Schuman is a great book! I completely agree with you - it definitely gives me outfit inspiration and allows me to pair clothing items together, which I might not have thought of before.