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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

festive red

I always bring red out of my wardrobe at this time of year. A bright, festive colour perfect for this season. Red is definitely a favourite colour of mine and it has a way of giving me a boost if I'm having a down day. 

I wore this dress for a trip to Leeds for the German Christmas market. I decided to go for a red and black theme. Although, when we got to the market, a lot of people were dressed in Christmas jumpers; it must be a tradition! 

I can't tell you how comfortable these booties are. I could walk miles in them without getting aching feet. I love my funky booties. I'm thinking of getting myself another pair in a different colour.

We had a lovely time here and I would definitely recommend a trip to this market; so many goodies to be had. My favourite stall had to be the tools made out of chocolate. I stood drooling over the chocolate for a long time before moving on!

The only drawback it had was that it was so busy. The market attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and is one of the most established Christmas markets in the country. I didn't get many pictures of the wooden chalet stalls themselves because of the sheer amount of people. There were lots of handcrafted toys, jewellery and decorations. I hope these photos give you an idea of what it was like.

It has a lovely continental festive feel about it especially with all the colours and twinkling lights. They had my favourite fairground ride on offer too; the carousel.

I am going back soon to try all the different food that was on offer. I had my first pretzel filled with Camembert and cranberry which was delicious. So many food stalls and not enough time!

Topshop skater dress - wardrobe
Topshop black jacket - last seen here
Hush Puppies Viviana boots  - last seen here
Ted Baker handbag - last seen here
H&M necklace - wardrobe
H&M tights - wardrobe
Primark black gloves - wardrobe
Primark sunnies - wardrobe

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

black & white dress with red pixie boots

My outfit I wore for work today. When I am at work I always like to wear dresses, but they have to be comfortable and also very girly! I love the way this dress fits in at the waist and then flares out.

I was walking past a shoe shop when I saw these gorgeous booties looking at me. I just had to try them on and when I did they felt so soft and fitted perfectly so of course I snapped them up straightaway!
It was a really windy day today so my hair just kept blowing everywhere as you can see in this picture!

What kind of outfits do you wear to work?

River Island dress - wardrobe
Hush Puppy boots - wardrobe
H&M black tights - wardrobe
Sunglasses - wardrobe
River Island watch - wardrobe
Bracelets - birthday gifts
Ring - wardrobe
Necklace - birthday gift

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

what's in my bag

I always find reading other bloggers posts on 'what's in my bag?' really interesting. I am a little nosy I suppose! After reading quite a few, I have found that most of us have similar items that we can't bear to be apart from! My bag is usually packed the day before (organised, I hear you say) but if I leave it till the morning, you can guarantee I will forget something!

Can you believe I am sitting writing this after putting my items together and I have realised I have forgotten to put in my black River Island purse and keys!! I can't get far without those essentials! I think all the Easter eggs have fogged my brain!

So here is what's in my Ted Baker bag (minus the purse and keys) :

Ipad - Keeps me up to date with blogs I read and I sometimes use it for photo editing.

Iphone and headphones - I never leave home without these! I use my iphone as a camera, a diary, for checking e-mails and I read ibooks and listen to music on it.

Moleskine style journal - Good for noting down items you need as a reminder when you are out shopping. Also, useful for noting down outfits you have worn.

Notebook and pen - General notes for everything.

Beauty essentials - Handcream, dry shampoo, eye pencil, lip gloss, blusher, nail file. mirror, mini brush set, moisturiser, lip balm and plasters. These items are always in my bag, you never know when you are going to need a touch up!

Perfume - I am so in love with Paco Rabanne lady million perfume. It is divine! A lovely Christmas present from my daughter.

Dried fruit snacks and mints - Keeps me going through the day.

I would love to hear about what you have in your bag. Is it similar to what's in mine?

Friday, 22 February 2013

mango delight

Introducing my new Mango coat! This little beauty was an online bargain find; I jumped for joy when it was delivered! (I know, far too excitable!) I am planning on wearing it different ways but today I chose to wear it with my new H&M dress. When I saw it in the shop I thought to myself 'perfect to wear with my new coat.'

It was a bright but extremely cold day walking by the canal. A scarf and gloves wouldn't have gone amiss! 

I hope these photos show off to you what a stunning place the Corn Exchange building is in Leeds. Quaint and kooky with the sweetest little boutique shops. My favourites would have to be Mad Elizabeth, Candy Candy and Alice Found Treasure. A great place to chill and people watch with coffee and cake. 

I fell in love with this dress when I saw the Peter Pan collar. The fact it is maroon helps too; I am so into this colour right now! The brogues were an E-Bay buy, brand new from the Schuh outlet shop.

What outfits would you wear with this coat?

Coat - Mango
Dress - H&M
Brogues - E-Bay
Handbag - Ted Baker
Tights - H&M
Sunglasses - wardrobe

Monday, 18 February 2013

Lace love

Another day, another lace dress! As you will have seen in earlier posts, I have a real love of lace. Half of my wardrobe consists of different varieties of lace dresses. S will say to me 'haven't you got one like that already?' and my answer will always be 'this one is slightly different' (length, sleeves, colour etc.) I always tend to dress up my lace but I thought I would try something different today. 

This is a jacket that I normally wear during the spring and summer season, but as it was such a lovely day I thought 'hey, why not!' 

Say hello to my new Ted Baker bag! This was my gorgeous Valentine's Day present from S. I had been drooling over it in the shop thinking 'one day you will be mine.' What a lovely surprise it was when I opened up my present and there in all its glory was my lust love! This bag and I will never be parted!

Have you any other ideas how to wear lace?

Jacket - Urban Outfitters (wardrobe)
Lace Dress - Topshop (wardrobe)
Handbag - Ted Baker 
Boots - New Look
Sunglasses - Mango
Tights - H&M